A different kind of tour

Cities need to be visited and travelled in different ways, which is why today we propose a new manner in which to get to know Quito with a lot of style and in a way that will definitely be a great deal of fun: cocktails.

The party scene in Quito is focused in a few areas, each with its own well-defined personality. The Mariscal for example, is the heart of the city’s nightlife, which is why beginning this tour here is a must. There are over 280 bars in the Mariscal. Get a taste of the areas most emblematic cocktails at the venues listed below:

  • La Estación: This bar is characterized by its patrons. It’s where the city’s 40 year-old bohemian, intellectual and artistic crowd hangs out enjoying live music. It’s a place were, surely, you’ll find more than one Ecuadorian writer, musician and personality. The bar’s specialty is the Mojito Pasión (Mojito Passion), which besides the usual components of this Cuban drink, includes Maracuya: Passion fruit. To taste it is to sin.
  • Rocoto Café: Located on Borja Yerovi Square, this alternative venue promotes the development of luxury cocktails with local spirits. The house drink is called: Las Malcriaditas, a Quiteño version of the traditional gin and gin. The secret ingredient is Caña Manabita, a type of moonshine made from sugar reed. The rest of the ingredients include: ginger ale, ice, lemon, and the combination you prefer: the bartender recommends pineapple and ginger or basil.
  • Strawberry Fields: The nest step on the tour has to be this theme bar on González Suárez Avenue, one of the most exclusive streets in Quito. If you’re a Beetles fan, or classic rock lover, this is where you need to be. Enjoy La Cascada (The Waterfall) with excellent background music. This cocktail is made from an unusual blend of rum, cocoa liquor, blue curacao and triple sec. A martini glass is used as the base, with an inverted “low-ball” glass on top. Two cocktail shakers are placed over the “low-ball”: the first upright and the second inverted. What makes this cocktail unique is that the client must drink it while the triple sec is lit, and finish it before the cocktail shakers’ flame are extinguished. If the client can’t handle this, they have to pay double price.
  • Café Guápulo: Next, given that it’s actually nearby, is Café Guápulo in the traditional neighborhood of the same name, where streets snake down the mountainside, and the areas houses and buildings are inhabited by intellectuals and students. Here, visitors can enjoy traditional canelazos (warm spiced cocktails), with naranjilla, cinnamon and traditional sugarcane moonshine. The perfect drink to keep the cold at bay.
  • Patria: Along the same route, you can reach the valley of Cumbayá, a residential area with lively nightlife. Located in front of the central square, Patria restaurant is where visitors can enjoy contemporary Ecuadorian cuisine and the signature house cocktail, the Fashion wine, a blend of white wine, white rum, triple sec, passion fruit and sugar, amidst warm colors and well-defined spaces in an old hacienda style house. There is nothing more refreshing in a luxury style ambience.
  • Otto Von Pallet: Things are different here from the get go. The venue is designed and equipped with recycled and artisanal materials, offering a wide variety of dishes and vegetarian options. The main feature however, are its microbrews, over 44 options for beer lovers. Among the most popular are: la Monja Loca de los 3 Monjes (the Crazy Nun of the 3 Monks), la Bloody Bastard de Monkey’s Brew, and the Belgian Dark Ale from Doggerlander, Cheers!

Written by: Manuela Carcelén / Picture: Files Quito Turismo

To See
Los detalles de los frescos de los murales de las capilla, los árboles y flores del jardín.

Para escuchar
Los distintos ambientes musicales que ofrecen estos sitios.

To Taste
Las tortillas de maíz negro, el queso con toques de anís y limón.

To Smelle
La fragancia del café de Intag.

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