Take Quito back with you in your suitcase

When we travel anywhere in the world, we’d like the people we love to enjoy every detail we experienced, every turn of a corner, every café or traditional dish.

Unfortunately, while utopic, it’s impossible. The best way to solve this issue is through souvenirs. In Quito, there are certain objects that preserve the essence of the city and are must haves when looking for keepsakes from your trip:

    • Wooden spinning tops: Relive your childhood learning to make this toy dance in the palm of your hand. This, and other wooden toys such as cup and ball toys, yo-yos and cars, can be found in Quito’s Historic District, particularly in Zabalartes, located in house 925 on La Ronda street.
    • Cucuruchos: Dressed in purple colored outfits, these characters represent the Spanish and indigenous cultural syncretism during the Colonial era. Currently, they are characteristic of Easter processions. Miniature replicas can be found in the El Quinde shop (corner of Venezuela and Espejo).
    • Chocolates: The finest cocoa in the world is Ecuadorian, which is why one of the sweetest memories you can take from Quito is a delicious chocolate bar. Pacari, a company specializing in 100% organic chocolate, is an option. It offers a wide variety of blends, which can be purchased in the city’s main supermarkets.
    • Orchids: Ecuador, the most bio-diverse country on the planet, has 4,032 species of orchids, some of which you no doubt admired during your visit. Taking one of these home is now possible thanks to Floare, a company that commercializes several varieties of baby orchids. You can purchase them at Quito’s Botanical Garden or in the El Quinde shop.

    • Traditional Hats: A Panama hat represents the merging of natural fibers and the creativity of those who craft them, a true symbol of Ecuador, recognized as Intangible Cultural World Heritage. You can find several different models at the Artisanal Market of La Mariscal.
    • Middle of the World Monument: One of the greatest reasons for visiting the city is to live the experience of being in the middle of the world. Remembering that moment with a miniature of the Middle of the World Monument is a great option. These can be purchased at commercial shops within this touristic complex.
    • Immortalized roses: Known as the finest in the world, these flowers stand out by their quality and beauty. They are the perfect gift because they can survive for a great deal of time in a charming and comfortable presentation. The El Quinde shop offers roses in a variety of colors.

Written by: Nathalie Mena $ Isabel Oñate / Picture: Files Quito Turismo

To See
Los detalles de los frescos de los murales de las capilla, los árboles y flores del jardín.

To Taste
Las tortillas de maíz negro, el queso con toques de anís y limón.

To Smelle
La fragancia del café de Intag.

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