The art of Oswaldo Viteri, a tour of his home-workshop

One of the most important art collections of the city and the country is found in Oswaldo Viteri’s workshop, located in northern Quito. Works of Pre-Colombian art, several others from the Quiteño School, as well as popular art, are found there. To tour this live museum, guided by the artist himself, is a privilege; Oswaldo Viteri, who lives, paints and reminisces here in his home-workshop.
We invite you to experience this place’s corners, colors and shapes, which extol the artist’s work.

Visits to the House-Workshop are by reservation only:

Tel. (593) 2 247 3114.

Written by: Carla Martínez / Picture: Carla Martínez - Archivo Quito Turismo

A detailed look at the color and works found in the house. There is much to see. Take a look at the dried and live flowers that flood the place.

Listen closely to the anecdotes and stories narrated by Oswaldo Viteri.

The textures of the carved stones at the entrance to the House-Workshop.

To Smelle
The aromas of time and the house’s garden.

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